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Maximize Utilization Value

MarineCFO has been serving workboat and OSV operators for 20 years. We’ve listened and learned about the challenges that face our customers. We’ve built a reputation on providing technical thought leadership to our customers and to the industry.


The following challenges are common to many companies in the Workboat Industry.

Vessel Optimization

For our customers, each vessel is a multi-million dollar capital investment. To realize an acceptable return on investment each operator strives to maximize utilization through consistent trip or fixture profitability. The challenge is to provide decision-makers with real-time, accurate data concerning critical vessel, trip, & cargo details. Empowering shoreside staff with technological tools that create efficiencies while saving time, manpower, & money is the enabler for enhanced operator profitability. The inability to integrate in-transit vessels with shore-side operations is an on-going issue.

Making Regulatory Compliance Work for You

Workboat & Fishing Operators can make regulatory compliance, whether it be ISM, SubChapter M, or TSMA, work for them through the integration of their compliance processes with Preventative Maintenance, Utilization Analysis, and Mariner Training. The optimization of these core functions as a scaled Commercial & Compliance workboat enterprise resource creates “savings through compliance.”

Risk Management

Workboat operators have a need to adequately protect themselves from Jones Act litigation and other legal actions that could impact utilization & profitability. A solid Safety Management System proactively supported by Recordkeeping & Document Control processes is the most affordable and effective risk management tool any operator can adopt.