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Are you a marine safety consultant,
auditor, surveyor, or boatyard
estimator/project manager
working to get your Towing Operator
clients inspection ready?

Consider Becoming a MarineCFO Shipmate.

Why Become A Shipmate?

• Offer MarineCFO’s Vessel 365 Products to your own customers
• Let Vessel 365 help sell your services
• Affiliation with MarineCFO and Vessel 365 brands

Benefits of Becoming a Shipmate

• Customer referrals from MarineCFO
• Promotion of your company on the MarineCFO website
• Access to MarineCFO’s Vessel 365 training resources, marketing materials and advanced product information
• Benefits for your customers, including extended trial periods
• Access to Lloyd’s Register products and services
• The MarineCFO team supporting you

The Foundation

What makes a successful Shipmate Partner?
• Acquires Vessel 365 users in their field of expertise
• Advocates our products and brand daily

What is a Shipmate?

Shipmate is a Specialization Designation indicating that an individual or organization has met accreditation and training standards in the operation of  Electronic Towing Vessel Records, Electronic TSMS Alternative Recordkeeping, or Electronic ISM Recordkeeping.

Why Become A Shipmate?

The Shipmate designation authorizes individuals and organizations to offer electronic recordkeeping and electronic document management services to SubChapter M vessel operators through MarineCFO’s Vessel 365.

How A Shipmate Profits.

After designation each Shipmate sets their own rate sheet for electronic recordkeeping and electronic document management services.  A Shipmate retains 100% of their earnings.

Does a Shipmate Have to Purchase or Sell Anything?

No.  When a Towing Operator subscribes to MarineCFO’s Vessel 365 the Shipmate may begin providing electronic recordkeeping and electronic document management services through web portal access.

Who can apply for Shipmate designation?

Any individual or organization providing surveying, auditing, safety consulting, estimating, or project management services to SubChapter M vessel operators.

Shipmate Training

MarineCFO publishes a monthly calendar of Shipmate training webinars.  Shipmate candidates may signup for the online webinars after their application has been approved by MarineCFO.  Ongoing Shipmate training is provided after designation.

Shipmate Training Cost

MarineCFO offers the initial Shipmate training and ongoing Shipmate training free of charge.


Have you considered WHO will manage the Towing Operators’ onboard and office recordkeeping?

Apply to be a MarineCFO Shipmate today!