Crew Management

A Shift Solutions That Adapts To Your Needs

Our maritime crew management software allows you to easily schedule and assign crew to workplaces based on manning requirements to meet regulatory and statutory requirements, as well as job and customer-specific requirements. Track vacations and PTO to insure your vessels are staffed, in advance, to prevent unsafe operating conditions and lost days.

The V365 Advantage

field worker using V365 Maritime Mobile Operations software

Plug into V365

Integrate our maritime crew management software with V365. Unlock the capability to sync schedules down to the vessel and allow supervisors to create digital timesheets.

v365 maritime mobile software is compliant with sub chapter m, iso, and ISM.

Save Time and Money

Generate schedules for up to a year! - using our schedule templates and choose the best replacement for a job using our intuitive Employee Finder.

scale the v365 maritime mobile operations software to work with our other modules

Apply Your Business Rules

Make our schedule work for your business needs, not the other way around. Apply rules like 10 hours between shifts, monthly shift limits, etc.

v365 maritime mobile operations software application

Integrate with Third Party Solutions

Process payroll in Oracle? No problem. Our timecards integrate with any third party payroll solution.

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Manage certifications, trainings, scheduling, payroll & more.

V365 Maritime Mobile Operation Software Office Console

Crew Scheduler

A smart scheduler for the marine industry that accounts for coast guard, vessel requirements, job position requirements, and your business rules needed to ensure the vessel is compliant before voyage.

Credential Tracking

Make sure your crew members are up to date on training and certifications. Set up hard and soft rules in the schedule to ensure that employees are unable to work without being compliant. 

Smart Employee Finder

 Fill vacancies in the schedule using our smart employee finder. This tool allows supervisors to replace employees based on union or specific business rules, using parameters such as seniority, certification compliance, and last date worked.

Crew Management Additional Features

Export V365 mobile operations data

Employee Management

From pay rates and vacation to important events, our system tracks it all.

Encrypt V365 Mobile Operations Software Data

Smart Notifications

Set alerts to notify teams of upcoming jobs and shifts via customized text, email, or push notifications.

Configure V365 Mobile Operations

Schedule Templates

Our templates can handle any crew rotation, set schedule, or training. Can add break times, pay codes, and handle exceptions.

V365 Mobile Operations Team Notifications

Intuitive Scheduling

Our crew scheduler knows exactly where you left off in a rotation and automatically picks back up. Never worry about crews overlapping or employees being missed on the schedule.

v365 maritime mobile operations software validates data

Powerful Reporting

Run a multitude of reports: sea-time, payroll overview, expired certs and trainings, sick time, etc.

v365 maritime mobile operations software allows the user to create actionable data

Bulk Updates

Change out the vessel, employee, pay codes, and more to multiple schedules with just a few clicks.

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