The cost of regular, planned maintenance, pales in comparison to the cost of a breakdown. With our configurable Maintenance Plans architecture that spawns Work Orders via asset readings and/or the calendar, we’ve got you covered.

Allow shore users and vessel crew real-time access to what maintenance tasks are coming due and what effort, parts and outside services are necessary to complete the work. Fleet-wide view allows your management access to every task, what’s overdue and alerts users via email or text message when critical items are missed or at the time a critical event occurs. Powerful analytics can be used to measure KPI’s as well as predictive maintenance.

Maintenance Features & Benefits

Daily & Historical Commercial Vessel Activity eLogs
Safety, Navigation, Crew, and Critical Systems Assessments
Planned Maintenance for Towing, Offshore, & Industrial Vessels
Severity Notifications with Audible Alarms
Onboard Non Conformity & Deficiency Audit Tracking
Track spare parts available on each vessel or at each location in order to effectively plan work orders
Convert Observations to ad-hoc work orders, and easily record findings by attaching pictures to a work order
Create Purchase Orders either from the vessel or shore to assist in fulfilling some maintenance tasks
Manage and track renewal of Vessel certifications including email and/or SMS alerts well in advance of expiration dates

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