Keep Your Crew Safe With V365

May 14, 2020

Rethink Your Processes.

Due to the uncertain times that we are facing, we have been forced to rethink different practices as well as create new ones to ensure the health and safety of our crew and personnel. This in turn ensures the success of our business. V365 was made to help you adapt quickly to change.

Daily cleaning procedures are already a commonly used tool, but enhancing these to ensure proper sanitizing for frequently used areas can be very valuable. Within V365, you can create an updated inspection checklist template that can be published to the entire workplace. As requirements and guidelines change, the template can be updated and published with ease. Add materials, appropriate supplies, and PPE, and workplace users can mark when they are used with the V365 app. This will ensure that minimum quantities of supplies are maintained and will be replenished as needed. Triggers can be set to notify the appropriate parties, and create a new requisition or task when supply levels go below a set minimum.

What do you do when a crew member is showing symptoms? Create a new form that can be triggered by scheduled crew changes. Is your crew in contact with personnel from other companies? Create a new JSA form or revise your existing form to include symptom screening. These can both help protect your crew and the crew they are working with.

In addition to more rigorous cleaning procedures, updates to policies and procedures can be published with the click of a button within document management, and can be shared with all workplaces. You can also require that updates to policy documents be acknowledged and signed by crew as well.

Up to date policies and procedures increase safety and reassures both customers and personnel that workplaces are being maintained regularly.  V365 was built to make this happen.

V365 is just one piece of our comprehensive product line.

In difficult times, can your software keep your business moving forward?

MarineCFO can. Let us show you how.

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