The cost of regular, planned maintenance, pales in comparison to the cost of a breakdown. With our configurable Maintenance Plans architecture that spawns Work Orders via asset readings and/or the calendar, we’ve got you covered.

Allow shore users and vessel crew real-time access to what maintenance tasks are coming due and what effort, parts and outside services are necessary to complete the work.

Fleet-wide view allows your management access to every task, what’s overdue and alerts users via email or text message when critical items are missed or at the time a critical event occurs.

Powerful analytics can be used to measure KPI’s as well as predictive maintenance.

Planned Maintenance

Sub Chapter M, RCP, and ISM all require marine operators to maintain a Planned Maintenance program for, at a minimum, onboard critical systems. The ever increasing complexities of propulsion, steering, and other onboard systems have made manual record keeping methods nearly obsolete. Vessel 365 leverages a simplified user interface and unique engine room configuration builder to make onboard routines easily created and easily executed.


The proprietary checklist builder allows shoreside to build out a variety of onboard safety, commercial, and operational assessment routines within Vessel 365. A number of reports can be generated by interfacing the checklist builder including VGP, Ballast Water, Departure, and Critical Systems. A full non-conformity workflow is included within the checklist builder and it compliant with ISM, RCP, and TSMS standards.


Document Management

MarineCFO’s Marine Document Management System within Vessel 365 is on the cutting edge of technology.

Provisioned with versioning, notifications, and ship to shore auto-replication the Document Management application can upload and organize and file format for ease of onboard and shoreside use.


Daily & Historical Commercial Vessel Activity eLogs

Safety, Navigation, Crew, and Critical Systems Assessments

Planned Maintenance for Towing, Offshore, & Industrial Vessels

Severity Notifications with Audible Alarms

Onboard Non Conformity & Deficiency Audit Tracking

Track spare parts available on each vessel or at each location in order to effectively plan work orders

Convert Observations to ad-hoc work orders, and easily record findings by attaching pictures to a work order

Create Purchase Orders either from the vessel or shore to assist in fulfilling some maintenance tasks

Manage and track renewal of Vessel certifications including email and/or SMS alerts well in advance of expiration dates

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