Endurance PASSENGER VESSEL was designed in collaboration with major ferry operators to simplify data collection onshore and onboard. From Crewing to Compliance, Endurance PASSENGER VESSEL allows your operation to run more efficiently and effectively, while also ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.


Track vessel certifications by using Document Management to keep certifications on the vessel.

Notify port captains when vessel certifications will soon expire with Alert Notifications.

Track when a vessel is laid up and goes back in service with the Event Log.

See the history of all trips from your fleet.


• Smart Activity Logs using big buttons

• Smart Form to track crew members getting on and off the ferry

• Smart Form to perform muster training


With our Document Management, have a centralized place to keep all Coast Guard regulated documents, fillable reports, training videos, and more.

The Checklist Builder will make sure your vessel is compliant and safe for voyages (Ex. Incident Logs)

crew Management

Manage your crew’s Certifications & Trainings

Easy scheduling with
Shift Profiles

Manning Requirements: Never be over or under staffed

Scheduler: Schedule your crew with less clicks, replace employees with ease using business rules, and never worry about double scheduling an employee


Certifications & Training

Create Shift Profiles for scheduling crew with less clicks

Define Manning Requirements for multiple workplaces

Scheduler with smart Employee Finder

Manage your crew’s certification and trainings

Set up templates for easy scheduling

Define job position and certification requirements for the vessels so they are never over or under staffed:

  • Manage the crew’s vacation & fill the vacancy right away
    Never worry about a member being double scheduled
  • Replace employees with ease based on your business rules
  • Green Amber Red (GAR) indicators to let Personnel know certification status per employee
  • Planning mode allows for collaboration before schedules are committed

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