Managing and scheduling crew is crucial
to successful business operations.

Endurance Crew Management manages crew certifications and trainings, as well as ensuring seamless processes for finding suitable replacement crew when necessary. Easily schedule and assign crew to workplaces based on manning requirements to meet regulatory and statutory requirements, as well as job and customer-specific requirements. Track vacations and PTO to insure your vessels are staffed, in advance, to prevent unsafe operating conditions and lost days.


Manage and track crew certifications and trainings, including email and/or SMS alerts in advance of expiration dates


Set up templates for easy scheduling, and define job position and certification requirements for your vessels so they are never over or understaffed


Manage crew vacation and replace employees with ease, using planning mode for collaboration before schedules are committed.


Unlimited Crew Manning Requirements per vessel, route and/or trip type that allow definition of certifications and positions needed to man your workplace.

Our smart Employee Finder can manage employee leave to facilitate replacement in a timely fashion, and ensure that vacancies are filled with the most qualified crew members available.

Alert notifications to ensure that certifications and training are always up to date, and quickly identify available crew from on call lists with the right certifications for special jobs. Automatically update crew profile with completed training, whether on land or vessel.

Simple sea-time reporting architecture, uses crewing data in tandem with a letter and report configurator to produce a variety of letter and report formats, as you see fit.

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