Powerful, Maritime-Specific Document Management

July 10, 2017

MarineCFO Document Management is an enterprise-grade, maritime-specific system used to organize, disseminate, and schedule documents reliably and securely across a fleet. These documents can include PDF, Excel, or Word templates, equipment images, schematics, trouble-shooting guides, the TSMS or SMS, or any other file format.

Documents can be uploaded from a computer or a corporate Microsoft OneDrive account and electronically distributed to a specific vessel, or to classes of vessels. Once onboard they can be scheduled to appear to the crew at a recurring interval for completion, which works well for things like Subchapter M compliance, recurring maintenance strategies, logging, or customer-driven requirements. Documents completed by the crew are stored locally on the vessel as well as in the cloud, redundantly across several independent Microsoft maintained data centers for built-in disaster recovery and vessel recovery.

Both completed and template documents are maintained in a lifetime-to-date manner, with the ability to revert back to any version using the built-in search engine. Shore-side personnel can require that documents receive a digital signature upon completion to insure the captain and crew ratify entries made. V365 encrypts and compresses all files sent to or from the vessel for cybersecurity and bandwidth optimization purposes.

About MarineCFO
MarineCFO provides technology leadership and digital transformation solutions to the maritime industry, enabling our customers to operate more safely, securely, and profitably. For more information on MarineCFO and its full suite of marine-specific compliance, operational, management and tracking solutions, feel free to email sales@marinecfo.com or call (866) 9-MARINE.

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