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The deadline is now.
Laura Martin, VP of Sales & Client Relations, has recently earned her certification as a SubchapterM and ISM Lead Auditor, and she is ready to guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth transition. “MarineCFO is committed to the inland and offshore maritime marketplace”, said Laura Martin. ”We feel it’s important to not only understand the needs of the vessel operators but also to put ourselves in the shoes of the safety inspectors and auditors who serve them so we can better understand how to provide products that contribute to the safety of our customers and prospective customers.”

Through a week-long course led by Decatur Marine, Laura got an in-depth review of Subchapter M and ISM regulations, and full orientation into what the US Coast Guard and ISO are expecting when a vessel is audited to meet these standards. General provisions for conducting both internal and external audits and surveys were covered, as were suggestions for handling observations and non-conformities found during the audit processes. Reporting information and requirements for deliverables to the vessel owner were explained in great depth.

“At MarineCFO, our mission is to provide technology leadership, solutions and services to the maritime industry that enable our customers to operate safely, securely and profitably” said CEO David Hanowski. “As part of our ongoing commitment to the US maritime market, we felt it was important not only to access this information through our customers and partners but to also have these skills in house. Armed with this knowledge and correlating certification, MarineCFO will be able to continue building relevant solutions for vessel operators, and implementing our solutions in a manner that ensures compliance.”

If you want to know more or have any questions regarding Sub M compliance,  please visit or feel free to contact Laura at 985-746-9360 or

The Friday, July 20th, Subchapter M compliance implementation deadline is here. Compliance is required regardless of which compliance option you have selected, or whether your vessel has received its Certificate of inspection (COI). Be proactive and protect your business and your livelihood! MarineCFO’s on-board compliance solution, Vessel 365, has already helped others comply with the regulations and receive their first COI.

The US Coast Guard has expanded TugSafe Lite and renamed it TugSafe Central.  Whether you are a field inspector, a TPO or a vessel owner, you can use this online source for SubM guidelines and requirements.

MarineCFO Endurance is an affordable cloud-based solution for Marine Operators that allows you to leverage daily operational, compliance, maintenance, and safety information to improve efficiency and management of crucial data. Because MarineCFO is built on our highly-acclaimed Business Framework, it is customizable to fit specific workflows and other company needs.

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