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Vessel 365 to integrate with Lloyd’s Register Class Direct

December 22, 2016 (Houma, LA)

Lloyd’s Register North America and MarineCFO recently teamed up to offer you one simple and comprehensive solution for vessel compliance, including Subchapter M, ISM, Alternative Service Delivery (ASD), and the Responsible Carrier Program (RCP). We are excited to share our next commitment to integrate our software platforms, LR Class Direct and MarineCFO Vessel 365, to provide you with a seamless experience for your compliance needs.

With just a few clicks, vessel operators will have the power to electronically report safety management procedures and schedule audits and inspections.

Benefits to you:
• Save crew time and resources with quick access to everything a vessel needs to ensure both compliance and safety
Save money and vessel downtime as LR surveyors and auditors gain fastest access to your vessel records and make the most of vessel visits
Streamline by eliminating multiple, incompatible software platforms
Maximize value when everyone can focus less on paperwork and more on maintaining your fleet’s safety culture
Gain peace of mind by knowing you have all you need to be in compliant

This is our New Year’s resolution to you. We want to provide the streamlined solutions you need to make 2017 a very successful year as you prepare and implement your safety management systems and inspection regimes.

In the meantime, stay tuned for upcoming dates and locations for our seminar series on Subchapter M, incorporating perspectives from class, technology providers, training centers, attorneys, and insurance underwriters.
On behalf of MarineCFO and Lloyd’s Register North America, we wish you a joyous and safe holiday.

David Hanowski, CEO MarineCFO
and Mark Darley, President LR North America Inc.

About MarineCFO –

Headquartered in Houma, LA, MarineCFO is the brand of VerticaLive (formerly Advanced Software Development) which has been offering marine specific operational and business solutions since 1997.MarineCFO’s mission is “Through technology thought leadership, provide products and services that empower workboat and vessel operators with Vessel Enterprise Resource Planning through sustainable data collection, tasking, and decision making tools.”. Through a network of respected maritime teaming partners, such as Lloyd’s Register, MarineCFO is poised as the trusted technology partner in the workboat industry.

A long time Microsoft partner company, MarineCFO is staffed by marine industry experts. Dean Shoultz, MarineCFO CTO, is a regular contributor to various maritime professional journals and sought after speaker. David Hanowski, MarineCFO CEO, is a seasoned technology innovator and entrepreneur. Laura Martin leads MarineCFO’s client services and support team and has given MarineCFO a widely recognized reputation for superior service.

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MarineCFO’s Vessel 365 exceeds all the SubChapter M recordkeeping requirements both as a Towing Vessel Record and as an alternative TSMS recordkeeping solution. Because Vessel 365 stores SubChapter M mandated “objective evidence” our solution helps minimize the towing operators’ exposure to Jones Act litigation. Statutory entries for chronological vessel activities, personnel, safety, fire systems, navigation, assessments, nonconformities, & document management are all included in the Vessel 365 feature set.