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Providing technology leadership and digital transformation solutions to the maritime industry.

MarineCFO Endurance is an affordable cloud-based solution for Marine Operators that allows you to leverage daily operational, compliance, maintenance, and safety information to improve efficiency and management of crucial data. Because MarineCFO is built on our highly-acclaimed Business Framework, it is customizable to fit specific workflows and other company needs.

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Endurance Vessel 365

Vessel 365 is a new generation fleet optimization tool engineered by MarineCFO for use with its Endurance line of products.
This cutting edge on-board application bundles digital Boat Logs, Safety Assessments, Planned Maintenance, Notifications, & Document Management into an easy-to-use and highly configurable vessel/shore replication system.

Endurance Maintenance

Maintenance Tasks should never be overlooked or forgotten.
We’ve got you covered with our configurable Maintenance Plans architecture that spawns Work Orders via asset readings and/or the calendar. Allows shore users and vessel crew real-time access to what maintenance tasks are coming due and what effort, parts and outside services are necessary to complete the work.

Endurance Crew Management

Managing and scheduling crew is crucial to successful business operations.
Endurance Crew Management makes sure crew certifications and trainings are maintained as well as making it easy to find suitable replacement crew and manage vacations. Make it easy for schedulers to assign crew to work places based on regular shifts, rotations or any variety manning requirements.

Endurance Forms

Every maritime operator and every type of maritime operator will have different needs when it comes to data capture.
Even something as common as a vessel activity log can be different from company to company. Our Forms product allows the operator to easily create ad-hoc forms by simply dragging and dropping the fields they want to capture onto a blank canvas.

Endurance Passenger Vessel

From Crewing to Compliance, Endurance Passenger Vessel allows your operation to run more efficiently and effectively, while also ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.
Endurance Passenger Vessel was designed in collaboration with major ferry operators to simplify data collection onshore and onboard.


From Crewing to Compliance, Endurance PASSENGER VESSEL allows your operation to run more efficiently and effectively, while also ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.

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