MarineCFO unveils “Endurance” as an affordable Software as a Service solution for Inland and Coastal marine operators

New Orleans, LA, September 1, 2015

Capitalizing on its 2013 acquisition by software powerhouse VerticaLive, MarineCFO today announced a Fall 2015 introduction of “Endurance”, a cloud version of the widely acclaimed MarineCFO Enterprise Solution.

“MarineCFO has proactively sought to bring efficiency, ease of use, and affordability to the broader marine transportation market”, said Dean Shoultz, MarineCFO Chief Technology Officer. “We have simplified the shipboard user interface and improved upon existing MarineCFO Enterprise functionality. We have also brought the solution pricing well within reach of the most financially sensitive marine operators.”

“Our continuing mission is to provide leading edge cloud, mobile, and software technologies to manage the business for marine transportation companies”, said Jimmy Treuting, MarineCFO President and CEO. “We’ve spent the last decade developing sophisticated features for the leaders in the industry, and the Endurance product provides streamlined versions of those features, in an affordable, accessible, and simplified way.”

“SaaS creates an environment whereby a marine operator doesn’t worry about IT infrastructure, payroll for IT staff, or updates to software. That’s all part of the cost savings and benefits of our Endurance product line”, explained Shoultz. “We host everything in a reliable and highly-secure way. We also back it up for you, so disaster recovery is built-in.”

MarineCFO Endurance offers subscribers a solution for Planned Maintenance, Compliance & Safety, Personnel, Training, Certifications, Operations, Logging, and a Document Management. Endurance can also be extended with mobile apps and integrations to MarineCFO Enterprise or other popular software solutions.

About MarineCFO, Inc.

MarineCFO is the leading provider of Marine Software, including On-Vessel, Marine Operations, Personnel, Fleet Maintenance and Financial Management Software Solutions to the Marine Transportation Industry. MarineCFO solutions are scalable from the largest industry players to small family-run companies. MarineCFO provides MarineCFO Enterprise, a comprehensive behind the fire-wall solution, and Endurance, an on-demand web-based solution.

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